Au Pair Guide on How To Be An Irresistible Host Family

Au Pair Guides are littered across the internet. But the relevant, up to date ones are few and far between. Au pairs blog about au pairing, host families write about hosting. But where do we get the stuff that’s the most value? Au pairs telling host families what they want, and vice versa! That is where articles and blogs come in handy- sharing bite sized pieces of content is valuable, and all helps build our little community. Make sure you share this in a group, if it was useful to you.

How do you become the host family all the au pairs want?  I can start by telling you my many exit interviews have proven VERY few au pairs choose their families based on the size of the allowance.


Obviously, I’m a host mum. I can’t speak with the same level of authority as an au pair.

So, let me get an au pair to explain to you how to be irresistible!

“I’ve been an aupair for 4 different families in 4 different locations across Australia. I found two on Aupair World, one on Gumtree and one on Facebook. I didn’t get paid for one (It was a tropical island- I went for the experience!). Very little for the other, medium for one and got paid pretty exceptional at another. The pay had absolutely no bearing on why I chose a family, in fact the majority of the time I didn’t know what it was when I had decided to pick a family. Here are some of the things I think subconsciously and consciously people find appealing in host family adverts and the ones I see with the most replies.

1. Photos of the room, place they would be staying. It helps them picture themselves there.
2. A picture of the family and the kids and even better with an old aupair, nanny, babysitter.
3. A picture of something you can do near by!
4. Heaps of personality in the advertisement.
5. The job role made very clear.. Maybe even a brief ‘day in the life’ with expectations laid out.
6. If in a rural place just letting them know there are other aupairs or travellers in the community and they won’t be alone
7. A lot of people want short term of 3 months or so because committing to more when you’ve never even met someone can be scary. I’d say advertise for the least time you could accept and state how much you’d love to extend it if it worked out. I was supposed to stay with one family for 3 months and it ended up almost 9!

I know lots of you do that, it’s seems different to find an aupair than even two years ago when I was first looking. It’s a tough time of the year for Europeans as they don’t finish school (majority) until May but there are lots of travellers already looking. Fingers crossed you all find someone great soon

Republished courtesy of Carmen Hutchison.

So, you heard it, folks.

Concentrate on making your au pair’s recruitment and arrival as pleasant as possible- and they will see your family for the irresistible, unique bundles of fun you all are. Once the word’s out, you’ll always be in demand.



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