How to Tell if you Have a Super Au Pair

The elusive super au pair.

Defined differently by everyone, I know. But here’s my experience, and what I noticed the similarities were when hiring them. This NOT a list of all traits a Super Au Pair needs! Simply a list of traits that I have really appreciated in my former au pairs.


Super au pairs are flexible.

Hiccups and unavoidable changes are no big deal- they go with the flow, because they know you’ll make it up to them later on. They’re also really cool about being upfront and requesting days off and shift changes themselves, and working with their host family to find a happy medium that works for everyone.


Super au pairs bring you their problems.

They don’t hope the children’s behaviour magically improves, that broken gate lock fixes itself, or the milk will reappear without letting anyone know. They communicate with their host parent so everyone’s on the same page.


Super au pairs appreciate the little things about living with a family in another country.

They love day trips, heading out to the museum, going shopping, meeting friends in parks for BBQs. The best thing a host mum can do for her au pair is to get her out in the community, and link her in with other au pairs! Families aren’t the only reason they come to Australia, and with the right guidance, your au pair will squeeze every experience into her stay she possibly can.

Super au pairs are upfront about their needs.

Parents are pretty used to catering for individuals. Toddlers, anyone? Super au pairs tell their host families in advance when they’re vegan, a smoker, a trail runner or jogger, need to be near a bus stop to get to church weekly, or desperately want to be near the beach/city/on a farm. In return, they end up with a family that’s an amazing fit for them and they enjoy their time here even more.

Super au pairs know when to lock their bedroom door and set boundaries.

Everyone needs a break from kids to wind down or get stuff done. Why do you think we have au pairs? We totally get it. And super au pairs know it’s OK to set boundaries on their time, to make sure they’re giving their kids 100% when they’re available. Good host families support this with a closed-door policy in the household.

Super au pairs love kids.

Seriously- we know when you don’t like our kids. 😉 That’s all I’m saying.


Super au pairs are confident in what they bring to the table, and know they’re always welcome back to their second home.

My favourite posts in locked family groups are host parents meeting up with their previous au pairs and seeing photos of the kid’s excited faces! It’s a relationship for life- not just a quick stop on a trip around the world.


To every single super au pair we’ve ever hosted, which is all of them; thankyou for changing and impacting our lives in countless little ways. See you on Skype!

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